Upcoming Shows

October 15, 2022, at 7 p.m.

Now that it is no longer 10,000 degrees, it’s time to return to your beloved Verdugo HUUT for a show we’ve wanted to do for years: A Celebration of the Wholesome Murder Ballad!

General admission tickets are $15, with student/senior citizen tickets at $10. Reservations are strongly recommended. Please email here with your name, number of tickets, and category (general admission or student/senior).

Q. What is a murder ballad?

A. A folk song about doing someone in. “Rocky Raccoon” is a murder ballad, as is Tom Lehrer’s “Irish Ballad,” which Magickly Delishus will be interpreting Saturday, as well as multiple versions of “Stagger Lee.”

Q.Will I be murdered at this show?

A. It is unlikely.

Q.Isn’t a show about murder at a time when there are actual homicides in bad taste?

A. That is a reasonable question. We can assure you that we’re not putting on this show because we wish to offend you. It’s just that murder ballads are fun songs.

Q.What will I encounter at this show?

A. Glad you asked. In addition to a sonically-pleasant room filled with comfortable, reassuring, and solid pews, there will be snacks, drinks, a challenging quiz, breathtaking prizes AND the talents of the reclusive and enigmatic Wizard of Rock, the notorious flight risk Billy Skidds, Jr., the velvet-throated Philadelphia sharpie Richard Pittman, and Magickly Delishus, the world’s orneriest Irish band. 

Q.Should I reserve tickets or just, you know, show up?

A. Please let us know how many people to expect from your delightful party by 5 p.m. Saturday; that way we can prepare your julep and fainting couch.

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